CrankWheel Zapier integration beta testers

Hi there, and thanks for being interested in beta-testing the CrankWheel Zapier integration!

To be a beta tester, you need to be willing to update your Zaps in Zapier if and when we need to modify our integration. We will of course try to do this the fewest number of times possible, but at the moment we expect at least one update to improve usability.

The integration should be stable apart from this need to update. We have already tested it thoroughly. The main thing you are beta testing is the usability of the integration, and usability changes are the reason we might need to make updates.

Notifications of changes will be sent to this mailing list, so you should stay subscribed either until we launch the publicly-available integration on Zapier, or until you decide to no longer use CrankWheel's Zapier integration.

For now, we need to manually enable the Zapier integration on your account. Please allow a day or two for this to happen.
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